Jacaranda uses Floor Covering Standard Symbols (FCSS) for all our carpets. This is a standardised system of graphic symbols developed to make the classification of specific characteristics easily understandable and recognisable. We have included a brief description here.

DOMESTIC - for residential use

COMMERCIAL - for public and commercial use e.g. hotel bedrooms, small offices.

Class 21 – light

Areas with low or intermittent use

Class 31 - moderate

Areas with low or intermittent use

Class 22 - general/medium

Areas with medium use

Class 32 - general

Areas with medium traffic

Class 22+ - general

Areas with medium to heavy use

Class 33 - heavy

Areas with heavy traffic

Class 23 - heavy

Areas with heavy use

Class 34 - very heavy

Areas with intense use


Recommended for all stairs 


Results vary from 1 tuft, up to 5 tufts

Suitable for stairs in domestic buildings only


Castor chairs cause extreme stress and heavy wear to carpets. This symbol indicates carpets in a domestic location which are suitable for castor chair use.  Jacaranda recommends the use of castor chair mats over carpet.

Do not install on stairs


This icon is used if the measured bodyvoltage is lower than 2kV after walking


The requirements for fire behaviour for building products are strictly regulated. Fire categories for textiles vary from F up to B. Classes Cfl and Bfl are often required for public or commercial buildings but rules vary between countries and should always be checked by the specifier. Classes D to B are subdivided with smoke density for S1 lower than for S2





Carpets are tested for colourfastness to light, rubbing and water. For light tests, results can vary from 8 for no change to 1 for severe fading. For rubbing and water tests, 5 represents no change, down to 1 for severe change.


This is a measure of thermal resistance and is used as an indication of suitability for use over underfloor heating, see explanation here.


All test values and icons result from tests carried out to British or European safety standards, commissioned by Jacaranda from independent, accredited testing houses.

All Jacaranda’s broadlooms carry the CE mark, and Declaration of Performance documents (DOP’s) are available for download from the carpet product pages on this website.