Jacaranda offers two ways to have your chosen hand-woven wool rugs made-to-measure. They can be manufactured at source, or cut and made-to-measure from UK broadloom stock.

Your choice has implications for the:

  • Textures you can choose
  • Edging or borders available
  • Backing of your rug
  • Delivery lead time
  • And lastly price.

You should choose to have your bespoke rug hand-woven at source if you want to recreate any of the designs from our hand-woven rugs range to your own dimensions.

Jacaranda can also hand-weave at source, rugs made from all the hand-woven broadloom carpet textures.

You can ask us to create rugs with borders or simple designs, by combining different colours within the same range. For example, Jacaranda can weave a rug from 2 or more colours of Heavy Velvet or Simla.  Some broadloom textures can be combined into a single rug: Rampur / Ranila or Simla / Sikkim / Santushti or Samode / Sambar / Bilpar.  Several textures can be woven into circular or oval rugs. All are supplied with a cotton secondary backing, and hand-sewn edges as pictured on this page.

They take 12 weeks to produce on average and are priced per m2 in our price list.

You should order your rug made-to-measure from UK broadloom stock if:

  • You would like to choose from Jacaranda’s leather, suede, cotton and linen border collection
  • You would like it blind hemmed
  • Timing is tight
  • You have chosen a texture from the machine made collection.

You can choose any of the textures from our selection of broadlooms. You then choose your ‘edging’ from Jacaranda’s selection of cotton, linen, leather or suede borders.

Alternatively you can ask Jacaranda to blind hem in tape, colour matched to your fabrics or furnishings, all broadlooms except Abha, Otto, Natural Weave Square, Natural Weave Hexagon, Mavora or Milford. We can whip all our carpets except Abha, Agra, Otto and Mavora.

Viscose or TENCEL® are better blind hemmed than whipped as no wool edge can perfectly match the viscose or TENCEL® pile. Again rugs can be circular, oval or rectangular. The backing on your rug may be cotton, jute or Actionbac depending on the construction of the broadloom you have chosen. Please see our Specification Table for further information.

Jacaranda uses real leather and suede to border rugs, so splices to join hides are unavoidable. If you require splice free borders, please choose linen or cotton, or ask us to colour match ‘faux’ leather.

Delivery of these rugs is normally within 5 weeks in mainland Britain.

Jacaranda will cost these rugs at time of order, based on the following calculation.

The bordering cost is added to the rug centre cost where:

  • The bordering cost is calculated by multiplying the linear metre price for bordering, by the length of the rug perimeter
  • The rug centre cost is calculated by multiplying the broadloom cut length price, by the broadloom roll width, by your rug length or width (depending on the most economical way to cut it from the broadloom roll).
Bespoke Rugs  

Pebbles Ivory rug, produced at source with hand-sewn edge


  Chatapur Zinc rug, produced at source with hand-sewn edge
Bespoke Rugs  

Simla Oatmeal with blind hemmed edge. Tape colour matched to pile


  Seville Wilton Oatmeal with whipped edge. Yarn colour matched to pile
  Bespoke Rugs
Rampur Eggshell with Doeskin Suede border   Sambar Taupe with double border in Linen Salt & Mushroom