Kulu Vanila

Bespoke rug order process:

To perfect customer colours and designs takes time, with CAD’s, poms and strike-offs sent from Nepal for approval.  Please assume 6 weeks to agree all details, and a further 18 weeks for production.  Large rugs can take longer.

When you contact Jacaranda to discuss your order you will be asked to confirm:

  • Design
  • Colours
  • Knot count
  • Yarns
  • Texture, velvet or cut & loop
  • Shearing instructions
  • Dimensions (always allow 5% tolerance on size because rugs are made by hand)
  • That any designs supplied are your own, or are free of copyright

Our staff will provide a quote, and will advise of any surcharge or lead-time implications for colour matches or CAD designs. Once you agree the quote, Jacaranda will commission a CAD drawing for sign off by the client.

For custom colours, Jacaranda will provide colour poms for sign off by the client. Once these are agreed, it takes 6 weeks approximately to hand-knot a strike off or segment of the rug for customer approval.   These are normally 30x30cm, but size and shape will vary with design. Once this strike off has been signed as approved and returned to Jacaranda, will we begin to hand-knot your rug and we will email you a picture of your rug taking shape on the loom. Jacaranda’s Himalayan rugs take 18 weeks on average from strike-off approval, through hand-knotting, washing, and finishing, to delivery. Very large rugs can take longer. But we believe that when you receive your own, unique Himalayan work of art, you will agree that it is very much worth the wait.

Please telephone Jacaranda to order our Himalayan sample box or discuss your choices. Or you may visit our London showroom or Northamptonshire head office to:

  • See Jacaranda’s designs for real
  • Borrow 60x90cm rug section to show your client or test in situ (we also have a selection of 120x180cm rugs available for loan). Deposit required
  • Work through colour combinations using our pom sets containing over 1500 colours.

If you want ‘working’ black and white copies of our Himalayan hand-knotted rugs, please download from the relevant product page.



Natural fibres will fade over time and this may be accelerated by exposure to strong light. This should be taken into consideration when choosing rugs for areas that experience strong light or direct sunlight


While every effort is made to manufacture to the correct size, slight variations are unavoidable and natural fibres can shrink as they move to a different climate. Himalayan hand-knotted rug sizes may vary by up to +/-5%. They are not recommended for inset locations.


Jacaranda is happy to reserve stock rugs for up to 48 hours.


  • For stock Himalayan rugs our standard delivery time within mainland Britain is 5 working days
  • For bespoke Himalayan rugs allow 6 weeks to agree all details, and a further 18 weeks for production.