UnderlayConstruction: Polyester non woven fabrics. With clean-lift, water-based, adhesive coating

Sizes stocked: 120 x 180cm, 170 x 240cm. Cut lengths supplied at 1.19m widths

Jacaranda now stocks TEEBAUD®, the best non-skid underlay on the market for rugs laid over hard floors and carpet. We recommend its installation under all Jacaranda’s rugs because it:

  • Cushions rugs preventing fibre damage, so lengthening rug life
  • Thwarts rug creep, buckling and skids
  • Is so thin that it is unnoticeable
  • Is reversible, with black fabric one side designed for application over carpets, and grey on the reverse for use on hard floors
  • Is coated both sides in a clean lift, waterbased adhesive to grip the rug backing to carpet or floor, firmly anchoring rugs in place
  • Completely harmless to all carpets, floor materials and finishes


Place black side down onto carpet Place grey side down onto hard floors