TENCEL™ is the key ingredient in most of Jacaranda’s handwoven shine carpets and rugs. The pile moves when walked on like silk-velvet, and skilful dying allows a colour palette from Santushti’s neutral shades to Satara’s bright jewel-like tones. All Jacaranda’s TENCEL™ carpets and rugs can be bespoke colour matched to paints or fabric samples, Pantones or poms, with no minimum order quantity.

TENCEL™ key strengths

  • TENCEL™ is the best performing cellulose fiber for floorcoverings
  • TENCEL™ carpets and rugs can be professionally cold, wet cleaned
  • Fibers are sustainable, biodegradable, hard wearing and manage indoor moisture, harboring fewer bacteria for a healthier living environment
  • They are naturally moth resistant and much more resilient than viscose
  • A branded lyocell fiber, TENCEL™ is made by Lenzing AG in Austria, from wood pulp sourced exclusively from sustainably grown forests
  • Lenzing AG won the “European Award for the Environment”, owing to very low emissions during TENCEL™ production, 99.3 to 99.8% of chemicals are used repeatedly in a closed loop system
  • ‘Viscose’ and ‘lyocell’ are generic terms for fibers made around the world that carry no such guarantees
  • All Jacaranda’s TENCEL™ ranges are registered with Lenzing AG and certificates of authenticity can be provided on request

The benefits of TENCEL™

99.8% of the solvents used to convert wood pulp to TENCEL™ are recycled and reused over and over again Harmful chemicals such as caustic soda, carbon disulphide and sulphuric acid are used every time in a harsh production process
BS EN1307
Jacaranda’s pure TENCEL™ ranges – Santushti, Satara & Sikkim achieve heavy domestic class 23 ratings Majority of pure viscose carpets only achieve light domestic class 21 ratings

ISO 6356 (8 = no change to 1 = severe change)

Jacaranda’s pure TENCEL™ ranges score 6 Most pure viscose carpets score between 3 to 4

BS EN15115 (5 = no change to 1 = severe change)

Jacaranda’s pure TENCEL™ ranges score 4 Pure viscose pile changes texture irrevocably and only scores around 2, unless blended with a harder wearing fiber such as wool
CLEANING TENCEL™ floorcoverings can be professionally cleaned by dry or cold wet extraction methods Viscose fibers are fragile and difficult to clean. Professional dry extraction recommended, unless part of a wool blend

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