Birch Silver

Bespoke Colour & Design

Create your own design and craft something totally unique, or match one of Jacaranda’s designs to your colour scheme. Visit our Chelsea Harbour showroom or call head office and our trained staff will guide you from original idea to finished creation.

Colour matched hand-woven

All Jacaranda’s hand-woven TENCEL™ textures can be made in bespoke colours, matched to fabric, paint, pantone or pom. We have no minimum order quantity.

Photographed by Nitin Gera, © GoodWeave


Hand-tufting creates smart, tough, contract rated floorcoverings made to measure in custom designs and colours. Skilled operatives use handheld ‘tufters’ to punch New Zealand wool, silk or TENCEL™ tufts through a cotton mesh with the design printed on it. The rugs are backed with latex and a secondary cotton backing.

Photographed by Katha Haru, © GoodWeave

Himalayan hand-knotted

Totally bespoke, totally unique, the very best quality. Jacaranda’s Himalayan rugs are hand-knotted in Nepal from Chinese silk and traditional Tibetan or New Zealand wool. Our Tibetan weavers create every individual knot by hand. They sit side by side at fixed looms, each weaver making individual knots over metal rods, which are then cut free to create the pile. The weavers count knots as they go, following by eye a graph fixed above them. It is very skilled work. They must all knot at the same tension and pace, creating on average just 10cms per day of high quality heirloom which has the structure and density to withstand many years of use.

Please contact Jacaranda’s head office for further information.