Hand Knotted or Tufted

Hand Knotted or Tufted

Jacaranda’s ‘Refined’ rugs are hand-knotted or hand-tufted to order in bespoke sizes and custom colour schemes.  These may be based on the Jacaranda designs shown here, or may be original schemes proposed by our customers.

Each bespoke project can be either hand-knotted or hand-tufted.  Both methods allow great flexibility and intricacy of design, but what are the differences?

Beautiful, artisan heirlooms that will last a lifetime. Each individual knot is created by hand and we send you a photograph of your rug taking shape on the loom.

Rugs with a hand-sewn edge, not suitable for inset locations.

14-18 weeks for design approval.

See how hand knotted rugs are crafted

Smart, deep, dense, contract rated carpets & rugs.

Rugs have hand-sewn edges, but can be ordered as broadloom or oversize for cutting into inset locations.

12-14 weeks for design approval.

If you are interested please contact Jacaranda, and our designer will guide you through every step from design to your finished rug.

See hand-tufters at work